3 Words That Don’t Go Together, Or Do They?

What three words you ask? Indoor, Tanning and Lotions. Typically when I think of the word “Indoor” I rarely ever have a picture pop into my head of tanning. The word “Lotions” makes me think of lavender and perfumes. “Tanning” makes me cringe at mental image I get of my pale skin being burnt out in the sun. However, if you are like me and easily burn tying without effort trying to get the perfect, or even somewhat, of a tan, your answer is this Indoor Tanning Lotion.


When most people consider tanning, they automatically picture a bathing suit and the bright sun overhead beaming down on their skin forcing them to sweat from every pour. What most people don’t consider is the numerous other ways of tanning that are JUST as effective, and even in some people’s case, more effective.

Other ways of tanning besides spending hours in the sun sweating:

·         Tanning beds and booths

·         Airbrushing

·         Bronzers

·         Tanning Mists

·         Tanning PILLS even


·         Indoor tanning lotions.


 All of these methods have been proven to work all over the globe. With each one, comes a list of its own negatives and positives. Tanning beds and booths have been known to cause cancer with their UV Rays. Air brushing needs to be done professionally or you are likely to burn your skin and is also known to be pretty pricey. The choice that makes most since to me and also sounds like an effortless process is indoor tanning lotions. ALTHOUGH, just because it seems as low risk as possible does not mean there are some things to look out for.

Precautions to indoor tanning lotions

·         Always read the directions

-When you refuse to read the directions you could end up with burns, infections, rashes, etc. You want to put on a tanning lotion hoping to get a beautiful Brazilian tan and walk out to the pool looking like burn victim!


·         Following directions precisely.


-Do not think you are different! Use the tanning lotion exactly how it is intended. If it does not work, it is not the lotion for you. Remember, there are TONS of different types for each individual type of skin. You can try a different one next time, it is not worth a possibly rash or doctors visit. 

Speaking of different types of lotions, you can basically consider it a custom item by the time you find the perfect one. There are so, so many to choose from. They make indoor tanning lotions in all shapes, sizes, scents, brands and even textures! You can buy tanning lotions that have glitter in them so that you shine all day long! You could always start off with Designer Skin Luminary Bronzer, which is the top indoor tanning lotion 2015. Just keep in mind this is where you start. You may also want to ask your family and friends what kinds of indoor tanning lotions they use if they have skin like yours, it might help you limit your choices to choose from. 

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